Our Vision

ESL Teacher Recruitment is a website and business dedicated to the Education Management industry and is open to all languages. The aim is to provide a base for everything to be placed in one area for both student, teacher, schools universities and all the products and services related to this industry. Our intention is to become a bilingual website for sourcing whatever your business needs are for your business to expand. We provide a service, for example (Fig 1.0) if you looking for Mandarin, Japanese, Polish or even Latin speakers/teachers or non-teaching personnel for your language business you will be able to source those people through our website and ever expanding global social media presence. Our intention is simple we allow you to publish your job adverts in multiple languages other than English. Allowing you to source through the relevant markets of opportunity that you want and need to succeed for your business or institution.

Fig 1.0

ESL Teacher Recruitment intends to provide a very unique way of sourcing what you need for your business to succeed. We also pride ourselves in providing the necessary tools for other businesses to advertise and harness our ever expanding global network to add value to your business.

Social media:

ESL Teacher Recruitment has been established on social media for four years and continues to expand at an exponential rate. We can be found on western social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. At the moment we are expanding globally into in-country social media networks. Currently our existing western social media which is established on LinkedIn has over 22,000+ connections, Facebook 102,300+ and Twitter which is expanding daily.  

Innovation and technology:

With constant developments in technology of today and the future we at ‘ESL Teacher Recruitment’ will bring and harness the latest developments of technology to enhance our and future user’s experience. By harnessing the necessity for change and with continual digital tech development, ‘we’ can improve our services offered to global businesses who require not just native staffing but also for non-natives. Thus providing a truly unique diverse way finding resources for any business. With the complexities in today’s business world. We can provide the necessary components being on a multi-lingual platform (see fig 2.0 an example, but we cover all languages globally) for any business to be able to succeed in not just recruiting but other areas for example teacher training, degrees and companies to organisations such as universities for a truly international platform for provision of courses etc. Our end goal is to provide a new and eloquent service through strategic digital marketing strategy for the whole language learning industry/education management industry with an element of diversity and flexibility.

Fig 2.0

Collaborations and partnerships:

At ESL Teacher Recruitment we are open to the possibility to collaborations and partnership with other organisations who are looking to promote their products and services. These organisations will know the need for continual change to adjust for the ever growing and changing global business climate. Within the global economy the need to continually expand operations into new frontiers to emerging economies is crucial for business survival or to be the first company in to capture the market place. That’s where we at ‘ESL Teacher Recruitment’ can help you expand your growth and needs for your business growth, email us today.

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