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Teacher/Student Resources:

The teacher resources here have been gathered from over 1000 classes taken on each subject. These have all been undertaken by my students while I was working in South Korea as an English teacher. These are all the likely answers for each question and I have laid them out in a nice easy mind-map/brain storming.

The following topics for; essay, debate, free-speaking/talking topics can be used as a teacher aid in the class room to determine future lessons plans. If any teachers are undertaking courses relating to TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, DELTA or degrees some of these subjects and the mind maps will be useful them as well for creating existing lesson plans or explaining what will be discussed in a potential class.

We constantly update these topics on a monthly basis and keep publishing more with mind maps for you to use. Hope these aids help you in the classroom they did for myself and my students!


Produced by Richie Peyer

© Copyright licensed to ESL Teacher Recruitment 2016

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